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Welcome to Adroit College!

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to browse through about our college and hope that we’ll soon join hands in our halls of learning. Adroit prides itself by offering quality-based education to our students. Our main objective is to ensure that our students receive the best possible practices and experiences in higher education for a bright career path.

Education has become a crucial aspect of life and Adroit aims to make it as cost effective as possible so that everyone can afford an excellent education background. However, we never fail to maintain the quality of our education and service to ensure that we produce skilful and knowledgeable graduates.

We prepare students with fundamental knowledge to pursue their dream in the areas of medical and health science through our Foundation in Science programme. Over 98% of our students have managed to pursue their Medical degree in countries such as Malaysia, India Indonesia, Poland and Russia. Adroit has also spread its wings into Diploma programmes that highlight hands-on knowledge in fulfilling the Malaysian Government’s drive to develop a better and competent work-force. Trainings and guidance provided during lessons that help to build a strong foundation for the students.

Adroit is located in a strategic location that has easy access to facilities and is also conducive for a healthy and safe learning environment. We provide hostels with amities such as internet connection, food outlets, grocery stores and etc. It is our duty and responsibility to support the students with necessary facilities for their educational journey.

Besides that, Adroit has established a tie-up with the European University of Business in Poland for our students to pursue their degree in Arts in Management. This affordable European pathway would brighten career opportunities in Europe for our students. Adroit provide assists for visa policies to ease the procedures for students. This golden prospect is made possible in Adroit for the welfare of our students to step into the gateway of European studies.