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International Student

Quality assured education in Malaysia

Malaysia is a peaceful country that whole heartedly accepts foreign students to be part of our education system. This multi-racial country is stable both geographically and politically which means that students wouldn’t have to worry about dangers such as natural disasters or social issues. Besides that, the cost of living in Malaysia is affordable and reasonable compared to most of the Asian countries. The Malaysian government also has organizations such as MQA and LAN to monitor the quality of education of the country from primary to tertiary level.

Why study in Adroit?

Adroit College serves as the centre of excellence for higher education with years of experience in equipping students with theoretical and also practical based knowledge in preparing students to face the world challenges. We provide a welcoming and conducive learning environment to our international students to pursue their dream in tertiary education.

Adroit provides a great platform to our international students to experience the best quality of education with our academic experts who has years of experience in teaching students by providing personal guidance and effective classroom setting. Moreover, creates a great opportunity to learn culture diversity among the classmates to work as a team.

We provide a comfortable learning environment to students with our upgraded facilities such as classrooms are equipped with air conditioners, internet connection, computer lab, library and other amenities.

All our programmes are registered and approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and our college has international recognition which enables employability of students in well established companies upon completion of studies. Our programmes, in Adroit College have been recognized by many prestigious international institutions and organizations such as Middlesex University, St. George’s University, University of Sunderland, Aberstwyth University and Columbia University. Besides, our recent collaboration with one of the reputable university in Poland ‘European University of Business’- that offer programmes such as Psychology in Business, E-Business, Human Resource Management and many more.