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Diploma in Accounting (DIA) (N/344/4/0428) – MQA/PA 7025

This programme is to further enhance the students’ analytical thinking and understanding skills towards crucial core business practices in the accounting and financial services industry which accredits to qualify for certification by the Notional Tax Practitioners Board. The course aims in developing the students’ knowledge in preparing, implementing and controlling financial budgets, forecasts, reports and […]


Diploma in Business Management (DBM) (N/345/4/0720) – MQA/PA 4794

This programme aims to produce future entrepreneurs with entry level management positions in business organizations. The theoretical knowledge and practical assessments along with internships provided are essential to enhance sophisticated analytical and problem-solving skills. The sound knowledge of various business aspects such as management, economics, finance, legal and marketing functions available in this programme help […]


Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) (N/481/4/0527) – MQA/PA 4788

The programme aims to cater students with comprehensive and versatile qualifications such as industry relevant skills that are essential for entering the workforce as competent professionals. Our well versed specialisation on theoretical and practical aspects of IT knowledge for future career of students, thus to be more competitive in the global employment market. It also […]


Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) (N/812/4/0145) – MQA/PA 8161

Tourism industry has widespread its wings globally and offers unlimited job opportunities with airlines, cruises, travelling agencies, tour operators and event management companies. This programme targets young individuals with conceptual knowledge esteem relevant to the hospitality industry and indulge them with practicality and professionalism. Entry requirement Pass SPM with minimum 3 credits and pass in […]